Software module "Routes"

GPS мониторинг, маршрутыThe software module "Routes" is part of the dispatching software TrackControl and is intended for planning and control of the vehicle passage of control zones.

The functionality of the module "Routes"

  • Creating a route sheet with planning based on templates - often used in permanent routes; 
  • Creating a route sheet without the use of templates, but with the schedule specified transmission area manager visits; 
  • Creating a route sheet without planning - in fact visit the control areas; 
  • Creating a route sheet without planning - in fact the passage of settlements; Control time and stops during the route; 
  • Control dressings / drains and fuel consumption during the route; 
  • Building a Gantt chart - a graphic representation of the report "Plan-fact";
  • The formation of a variety of individual and group reports on the passing routes;
  • Export reports in XLS, PDF, HTML and other popular formats.