GPS tracker Teletrack TT 2-21M

TT 2-21MTELETRACK TT 2-21M is destining for gathering, storing and transfer by means of GSM channels, information and data from different sensors about localisation, speed and driving direction of vehicle. Functions of control unit:

• determination of motion parameters (position, speed, direction) based in GPS/GLONASS signals;

• gathering information from external sensors: fuel level (RS 232), fuel consumption or engine speed (2 digital inputs),temperature, state of the ignition, doors, actuators, emergency sensors (analog input);

• storing data on the parameters of motion and external sensors in non-volatile memory (59 000 records);

• automatically record and data transferring on the events:

     - responce of sensor (pressing the "SOS" button at the beginning of the movement, etc.);

     - crossing of the border of control zone;

     - responce of the timers changing of location within a certain distance from a straight course of motion - allows optimizing the cost of GSM connection.

• data transferring by means of GPRS and SMS channels;

• remote configuration through the channels of GPRS and SMS channels;

• updating and configuration of firmware via GPRS;

• filtering of false run on parking lots (built-in accelerometer)

• power saving mode;

• autonomous operation of the internal battery;

• built-in protection from car battery discharge;

• built-in GPS GSM antenna.