Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON EN

Capacitive fuel level sensor EPSILON EN is intended to measure the fuel level sensor in the vehicles tanks. Sensor keeps all the functions of EPSILON ES sensor alongside with new functions. 
In the EPSILON EN there are modifications with digital RS-232, RS-485, frequency, analog (with FV-1x converter) inputs. 

Main advantages of the sensor EPSILON EN:

• Modular construction. Measuring head is mounted and dismantled independently of the fuel probe that allows easily and quickly to change, if necessary, the measuring head without re-calibration of the tank;

• Presence of the inclinometer. Designed to provide information about tilt angle of the vehicle. Inclinometer allows to get information about validity of measurement and to perform correction and compensation using 3D model of the tank. 

• Built-in concentrator.  Possibility to plug in multiple sensors with digital interfaces and to determine the total fuel level in several tanks of the vehicle;

• The measuring part is isolated galvanically;

• Explosion –proof type 1ExsiallCT6 X; 

• Wide range of possible probe length. The sensor with the length of 770mm can be cut down up to 30mm;

• Non-standard length up to 3000mm;

• Supports a version of the absolute linear scale and a version of the relative measurement of the capacity of the tank (the measurement with only two extreme points of calibration); 

• It is possible to update remotely the configuration parameters and firmware;

• The possibility to choose a “string in tube” or “tube in tube” construction.