Ultrasonic sensor SIGMA

Ultrasound sensor SIGMA, fuel control, control LP Gas
Can be used to measure level of liquids in reservoirs, including fuel in the tanks of vehicles. The sensor is fastened to the bottom of the tank and do not have direct contact with the liquid. The device allows us to measure the level of water, any kind of liquid fuels, including LNG (propane- butane) and other fluids. Sensor is compatible with various control units, data concentrators and GPS tracking equipment.      
Information on the measured parameters is transmitted via standard interfaces RS-485, RS-232, also can be converted into analog and frequency signals.

GPS monitoring and control of the vehicle LP Gas level system allows to determine vehicle location, direction, speed, and monitor vehicle LP Gas level for vehicles powered by autogas system. 

The system is composed of GPS/GSM tracker and noninvasive ultrasound sensor. The sensor is mounted to the bottom of the LP Gas cylinder without direct contact with fuel. The GPS/GSM tracker receives fuel readings from the sensor and transmits the data through GSM/GPRS to a remote monitoring center.  
 GPS monitoring and control of the vehicle LP Gas level
With the ultrasound sensor, it is possible to control gas volume in the LP Gas cylinder, fuel fillings, consumption, and determine potential leakages (drop in gas level while the engine is off).
Additionally, the sensor can be used with a digital indicator of fuel level, placed on the vehicle dashboard. The indicator provides continuous visual control of fuel volume in the autogas system by the driver.   


Technical characteristics

Name of characteristics or parameters

 Measuring range  10÷600 mm (LP Gas cylinders with diameter of up to 750 mm*)
 Nominal operating supply voltage range  9...36 V
 Reduced error of measurement  1% for 10°C
 Nominal current consumption  80 mA 
 Operating temperature range                                               –30 … +50°C
 Protection level   IP67
 Digital Interfaces   RS-485 or RS-232, frequency and analog outputs

      *- International standards and regulations limit gas content in gas cylinders up to 80% of the cylinder total volume.