Number of passangers control

подсчет пассажиров

The system allows you to control the number of passengers in urban land transport (buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis).

Why do you need it

Drivers of passenger vehicles can be conceal the actual number of passengers carried. To plan delivery of revenue, the owners arrange transport control traffic flow measurement. To do this, for a week in the vehicle travels a controller which calculates the number of passengers carried. But this method of measurement of traffic flow will be exemplary and not reflect the real picture, because the driver only stops at the bus stops and does not allow the overflow of vehicles, drivers of taxis can not take standing passengers. As a result, the approved plans are underestimated, and the difference of revenue does not fall to the cashier of the company.

How does it work?


To count passengers entering the vehicle fixed sensor is used as a step. Detector thickness of 5 mm is installed under the rubber floor covering. Also, the sensors open the door for the conduct of counting only during entry and exit of passengers.  

The effect of the introduction of

One of the first passenger counting system introduced by the taxi company «PARK». According to the company's management through the introduction, on revenues of 27%

Example of passanger number report


What is the accuracy of counting passengers?

As a result of experience gained operating system error count passengers up to 5%. Even if the passenger will come only at the edge of the step, it is pressed will be recorded.

According to the system, if a person stands on a step or two feet trampled on it?

The system keeps track of the passengers only during parking at open the doors. In addition, a special algorithm taking into account the time delay calculation excludes passengers who stood on the step with both feet or stamped on it.

Система подсчета пассажиров

Will the system count the passanger twice if he left the transport to realese the passanger?

Inaccuracy of counting passengers and is because of numerous entrances and exits of passengers along a route. Depending on the length of the route and load and increases this error. For example, the number of passengers on a route with fewer than 500 people, error is reduced to 3%.


Does the system work in cold or rainy weather?

The accuracy of the system none of the above conditions are not affected. The sensor is stable passenger counts being flooded with water and freezing snow and ice. The harsh winter of 2009-2010 to test the sensors under extreme conditions.

system of counting passengers in public transport

At what transport already established system of counting passengers?

Because of the underfunding of the public sector, mainly for passenger counting system owners address block taxis. The system works on the buses "Bogdan", "Standard" and "Ivan", "Ruth" "Gazelle", but it can run on any passenger transport.