Dispatcher Software "TrackControl"

programmer2.jpg TrackControl - dispatching software, a part of the GPS-tracking system TELETRACK.

The TrackControl software is designed to monitor, analyze and operational management of moving objects of different types and purposes.

The program displays on electronic maps detailed route with stops fixing, movement speed, the intersection points of control areas, the state of sensors, etc. You can save the data and generate reports: on the run, working time, stops, in the presence of defined areas, speeds, assignments, routes, schedules, status of sensors and other ..

The program can operate in two modes:

  1. "Online" - monitor the situation and condition of the objects in real time;
  2. Off-line" - the analysis of data movement and the state over the past specified period of time.

Note: here and below refers to real-time display of the latest intelligence received from the mobile object to the control computer. Usually a time delay in obtaining operational data does not exceed 1-2 minutes.

Main features of TrackControl:

  • Monitoring the location of the vehicle and goods at specified intervals; 
  • The map position, direction and status of the vehicle to an electronic map; 
  • Determining the status of the vehicle, the work of special systems and equipment based on sensor readings.
  • Control actual mileage; 
  • Controlling the flow of fuel (fuel-ups, drains, consumption); 
  • Control time and place of beginning and end time, stopping, loading, unloading; 
  • Control of the route assignments; Working hours control machinery.
  • Flow Statements (routes, speed, mileage, stops, parking, daily, group, and driving style, etc.); 
  • Reports of fuel (fuel-ups, drains, consumption); 
  • Specific reports (sensors states, work hours of separate units of special equipment, etc.).
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