лучшая система GPS мониторинга и контроля топлива в Украине
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Services and prices

Services provided by:

  • providing the system for testing (if required onsite installation and configuration); 
  • identification of the Customerneeds, the formalization of requirements; 
  • assistance in selecting the optimal cost and capabilities of the system configuration;
  • System installation, configuration, according to the requirements; 
  • build-up of specialized reports "for the Customer" program modules "Fuel Control", "Transport Logistics", the integration into a unified enterprise management system with partners of RCS ("1C", DCS, etc.); 
  • equipment installation, software installation; 
  • training, consulting the customer's personnel to work with the system; 
  • technical support of the system; 
  • software update, electronic maps; 
  • warranty and post warranty maintenance of equipment; 
  • service of providing navigational data by the call center of the company, to the technical support of the client. 
  • equipment rental.
Service of providing navigational by the company's call center, to the technical support of the client.
  • 24/7 tech support; 
  • training, consulting the customer's personnel to work with the system; 
  • monitoring, identification of problems of the entire system (GPS, GSM, Internet, PC software), assistance in resolving problems; 
  • software updates, electronic maps; 
  • onsite tech support(by request); 
  • routing, data processing on the telematic server of the company; 
  • data retention for at least 90 days; 
  • uninterruptible power supply (Class 3).

GPS-tracking: How much does it cost?


Economy and control

- What is the cost of "Teletrack", performing satellite gps-tracking?

This question is usually voiced by the client in the first place. Price on gps-monitoring his interest even before he read capabilities of the system "Teletrack" and the economic benefits that provides efficient gps-tracking.

-What is the system for?

So, usually, we respond in turn we are. And, despite the fact that the answer with a question is not entirely true, we intentionally want the client to think, for what purpose he needed a system. Indeed, without this understanding, it is difficult to realize how justified the cost of the system, designated in the price. In the world because everything is relative. So, let us together take a look at how much is Teletrack system with a simple example.





The GPS-tracking system "Teletrack" is a hardware-software complex. When operating in "on-line" mode, the information coming from the vehicles before they enter the dispatcher  computer, recieved by the telematics server. Here the data is processed, stored and distributed to end users for information. There are three main types of systems: autonomous, with the provision of services "Autovision" and "Autovision-WEB". Below is a comparative table of these system options: 

Autonomous The client gets all the elements of "Teletrack", including the central server and server software. Full ownership of the system, the possibility of self-refinement software and system configuration changes. The highest degree of confidentiality. No subscription fee. The high cost, the need for skilled setting and maintaining the back end system.
"Autovision" The data from the vehicles come to the central server of the company "RCS", processed and sent to customers. On the client, the workplace is set dispatch software with electronic vector maps, database. No need to buy an expensive central server and server software. No maintenance costs for the server. High speed data processing. Round the clock technical support. Monthly fee. Lesser degree of flexibility in adapting the system for comparison with the autonomous system.
"Autovision-WEB" The information coming from the vehicles to the central server of the company "RCS", processed and displayed on the client computer via a standard WEB-browser. The customer purchases only on-board equipment. Lowest system cost (only on-board equipment + monthly fee). Authorized access from any computer connected to the Internet. No need to purchase dispatch software. Reducing interface to work with digital maps and reports, compared to option the client software. Slow processing speed.