лучшая система GPS мониторинга и контроля топлива в Украине

GPS tracker Teletrack TT 2-21



Onboard equipment used in the system TELETRACK, is produced by RCS ltd. Intended for installation on the mobile and stationary objects, and transmission through the communication channels of telematic data on the characteristics of the object on the server monitoring system.




GPS tracker Teletrack TT 2-21M

TT 2-21MTELETRACK TT 2-21M is destining for gathering, storing and transfer by means of GSM channels, information and data from different sensors about localisation, speed and driving direction of vehicle.

Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON ES


EPSILON ES Fuel level sensor is designed for precision (with accuracy <1%) measuring the level of fuel in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks. The sensor can be used in fuel economy control systems (control of fuel discharges and of fuel ups) and is satellite vehicle monitoring systems (GPS/GLONASS) of different manufacturers.

Unique differences from the sensors of other manufacturers:

More precise measurement of fuel level at the expense of a higher resolution sensor level and the best characteristics of linear measuring scale; 

  • Tech modular design (measuring head is mounted and dismantled independently of the fuel probe, which allows easy and quick to change, if necessary, the measuring head without re-calibration of the tank); 
  • The ability to use short-measuring probes (for flat tank depth of less than 30 cm); 
  • Light weight (300 g) and ease of installation.

Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON EN

Capacitive fuel level sensor EPSILON EN is intended to measure the fuel level sensor in the vehicles tanks. Sensor keeps all the functions of EPSILON ES sensor alongside with new functions. 
In the EPSILON EN there are modifications with digital RS-232, RS-485, frequency, analog (with FV-1x converter) inputs. 

Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON EZ

Can be used for control of both benzene and diesel fuel level in any fuel tanks and in any vehicles including big fuel tanks and mobile fuellers.
EPSILON EZ with an external low-voltage blast barrier has level of explosion proofness of 0 EX ia IIB T6 that guarantees safe operation of the sensor which is in an explosive environment.

Ultrasonic sensor SIGMA

Ultrasound sensor SIGMA, fuel control, control LP Gas
Can be used to measure level of liquids in reservoirs, including fuel in the tanks of vehicles. The sensor is fastened to the bottom of the tank and do not have direct contact with the liquid. The device allows us to measure the level of water, any kind of liquid fuels, including LNG (propane- butane) and other fluids. Sensor is compatible with various control units, data concentrators and GPS tracking equipment.      
Information on the measured parameters is transmitted via standard interfaces RS-485, RS-232, also can be converted into analog and frequency signals.


Angle measurement sensor

Angle measurement sensor
Main features:
• Intrinsic safety design Ex (optional)
• Inclinometer
• Automotive connector 
The device consists of two blocks — master and slave units. The master unit is installed on stationary flat surface. The slave unit is installed on moving element. The angle between master and slave units allows to use the sensor in various applications: 
1. Hatch opening control. Explosion-proof design of the sensor      
2. Crane boom lifting control   
3. Cargo/garbage discharge control
4. Identification of type and ready-to-work position of trailing machinery.  Identifier with built in inclinometer, installed on trailing equipment determines if the machinery is operating or idle. This helps determine the exact treated area by filtering false movement.    


Digital fuel level indicator

Digital fuel level indicator is installed on the dashboard of your vehicle and designed for permanent visual control of fuel volume in the tank by the driver. 
Digital fuel level indicator is connected to digital fuel level sensor, and indicates measured level via RS-232 or RS-485 digital interfaces.
The device can operate both in passive mode (along with GPS tracking device which reads data from fuel level sensor) and in active mode, sending requests to sensor independently. Sensor has “filling” mode, which allows to control volume of fuel, filled in vehicle tank. Indicators weight does not exceed 90 g.

The identifier of towing equipment


Identifier of towing equipmentCable identifier is destined for identification of the towing equipment and defining of the kind of the executable works. Cable identifier is installed on the towing equipment and stores the ID-code of towed equipment. During connection of the towing equipment, cable identifier is installed to the board controller Teletrack with the conjunctive cable. Identifier functions over noise immune interface RS-485.



The identifier of the trailing equipment and attached implements with an inclinometer

The identifier of the trailing equipment The device consists of two blocks which are installed on moving element and stationary part of the equipment and by angle change between them allow to determine in the on-position or off-position the trailing equipment and attached implements are situated. This information is displayed in the dispatching software and allows to exclude technological moving at calculations of the treated area.

Wireless identifier of trailing equipment and attached implements

Wireless identifier of trailing equipment Wireless identifier of trailing equipment and attached implements is intended for remote identification of devices on which it is set.
It can be applied on agricultural machinery and automotive transport. 
For reading-out of ID-codes of the identifier special reader of identification marks is used. Radius of operation of the device to 10 meters.
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