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Teletrack system

General description of Gps-tracking system "Teletrack"


Система спутникового мониторинга транспорта "Teletrack"

The system "Teletrack" - a specialized hardware-software complex, which consists of dispatching software "TrackControl", server software, computer and on-board equipment.

Gps-tracking system "Teletrack" has an open architecture, flexibility, scalability, which allows you to integrate it into any business system enterprise adapt to any customer's requirements, optimally solve the most complex and unusual tasks.

How does the system monitor "Teletrack"?

On-board GPS tracking device "Teletrack" is installed on the vehicle and determines speed, position, direction of traffic. The equipment also records the readings from various sensors and transmits them in encoded form via mobile telematics server  to the dispatcher software installed on the managers computer.

Dispatcher software in "on-line" mode on an electronic map shows detailed route, speed, breakings, accelerations, stops, enter and exit from the control zones, the state of the sensors. The information is stored and displayed as tracks of movement on an electronic map, as well as graphs and in tabular form. Data is stored indefinitely and at any time, you can create a report on the run, working time, idle time, visiting specified areas, speeds, fuel uos and drains, fuel consumption, sensor triggers opening of the door, and others.

Information from the satellite monitoring system "Teletrack" can be used in automated systems for accounting and business management (Transport Logistics, 1C, etc.).

Dispatcher work stations can be combined into a global or local network.



pictures.jpgFunctionality of the software "TrackControl"



  • Monitoring the location of the vehicle (TC) and goods in real time; 
  • The map position, direction and status of the vehicle to an electronic map; 
  • Determining the status of the TC, the work of special systems and equipment based on sensor readings. 




  • Control actual mileage; 
  • Control of fuel (gas stations, sinks, flow); 
  • Control time and place of beginning and end time, stopping, loading, unloading; 
  • Counting passengers in passenger vehicles; 
  • Control of the route assignments; 
  • Working hours control machinery; 
  • Job control areas on the electronic map and receive the output of vehicles beyond their limits. 




  • Flow Statements (routes, speed, mileage, stops, parking, driving, etc.) 
  • Reports of fuel (gas stations, sinks, flow); 
  • Specific reports (state sensors, Hours, work separate units of special equipment, etc.). 


Autonomy System

The GPS-tracking system "Teletrack" is a hardware-software complex. When operating in "on-line" mode, the information coming from the vehicles before they enter the dispatcher  computer, recieved by the telematics server. Here the data is processed, stored and distributed to end users for information. There are three main types of systems: autonomous, with the provision of services "Autovision" and "Autovision-WEB". Below is a comparative table of these system options: 

Autonomous The client gets all the elements of "Teletrack", including the central server and server software. Full ownership of the system, the possibility of self-refinement software and system configuration changes. The highest degree of confidentiality. No subscription fee. The high cost, the need for skilled setting and maintaining the back end system.
"Autovision" The data from the vehicles come to the central server of the company "RCS", processed and sent to customers. On the client, the workplace is set dispatch software with electronic vector maps, database. No need to buy an expensive central server and server software. No maintenance costs for the server. High speed data processing. Round the clock technical support. Monthly fee. Lesser degree of flexibility in adapting the system for comparison with the autonomous system.
"Autovision-WEB" The information coming from the vehicles to the central server of the company "RCS", processed and displayed on the client computer via a standard WEB-browser. The customer purchases only on-board equipment. Lowest system cost (only on-board equipment + monthly fee). Authorized access from any computer connected to the Internet. No need to purchase dispatch software. Reducing interface to work with digital maps and reports, compared to option the client software. Slow processing speed.

GPS tracker Teletrack TT 2-21



Onboard equipment used in the system TELETRACK, is produced by RCS ltd. Intended for installation on the mobile and stationary objects, and transmission through the communication channels of telematic data on the characteristics of the object on the server monitoring system.




GPS tracker Teletrack TT 2-21M

TT 2-21MTELETRACK TT 2-21M is destining for gathering, storing and transfer by means of GSM channels, information and data from different sensors about localisation, speed and driving direction of vehicle.

Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON ES


EPSILON ES Fuel level sensor is designed for precision (with accuracy <1%) measuring the level of fuel in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks. The sensor can be used in fuel economy control systems (control of fuel discharges and of fuel ups) and is satellite vehicle monitoring systems (GPS/GLONASS) of different manufacturers.

Unique differences from the sensors of other manufacturers:

More precise measurement of fuel level at the expense of a higher resolution sensor level and the best characteristics of linear measuring scale; 

  • Tech modular design (measuring head is mounted and dismantled independently of the fuel probe, which allows easy and quick to change, if necessary, the measuring head without re-calibration of the tank); 
  • The ability to use short-measuring probes (for flat tank depth of less than 30 cm); 
  • Light weight (300 g) and ease of installation.

Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON EN

Capacitive fuel level sensor EPSILON EN is intended to measure the fuel level sensor in the vehicles tanks. Sensor keeps all the functions of EPSILON ES sensor alongside with new functions. 
In the EPSILON EN there are modifications with digital RS-232, RS-485, frequency, analog (with FV-1x converter) inputs. 
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