лучшая система GPS мониторинга и контроля топлива в Украине

Economical effect

The economic effect of the introduction of GPS-tracking system has several components:

System payback - 1-2 month!



System of Teletrack-AGRO is a specialized solution for the control of transport in agricultural enterprises.

Using this system you can control the following parameters:

  • location and routes of movement of all the equipment; 
  • fuel consumption in traffic, fuel consumption during stops, fuel consumption during the execution of the work in the fields, the fuel consumption per 1 hectare of treated areas, fuel-ups and drains;
  • time of entry and exit from the field, downtime and performance of field work; 
  • area treated areas of fields.





Gps-tracking system "Teletrack"

GPS мониторинг

GPS tracking system "Teletrack":

  • track the location of vehicles on an electronic map in real time (vehicle monitoring);
  • Control of fuel consumption(drains, fuel-ups, average consumption)
  • passanger control in the city public transportation;
  • monitor the status of sensors (fuel consumption, door openinga, alarm status, electronic locks, etc.);
  • set control zones on an electronic map and receive messages about vehicles that go beyond their limits;
  • analyze the routes of vehicles for any period of time;
  • receive a variety of reports on the actual mileage, fuel consumption etc.

Buying the GPS tracking system - it is not the costs, it is costs savings! What is particularly important during the financial crisis.


Money issue

GPS-tracking: How much does it cost?

Economy and control

- What is the cost of "Teletrack", performing satellite gps-tracking?

This question is usually voiced by the client in the first place. Price on gps-monitoring his interest even before he read capabilities of the system "Teletrack" and the economic benefits that provides efficient gps-tracking.

-What is the system for?

So, usually, we respond in turn we are. And, despite the fact that the answer with a question is not entirely true, we intentionally want the client to think, for what purpose he needed a system. Indeed, without this understanding, it is difficult to realize how justified the cost of the system, designated in the price. In the world because everything is relative. So, let us together take a look at how much is Teletrack system with a simple example.


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