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Module "Logistics"

транспортная логистика

The software module of transport logistics - a complete, integrated solution for planning, management and control of vehicle fleet and freight on the basis of program planning and accounting systems and cargo GPS - monitoring.

This module is designed to automate the dispatching and logistics services, transport company in the field of accounting and shipping orders for their efficient allocation of available transport capacity with the optimal mapping routes. Reduces the expenses of the enterprise, improve efficiency and customer service.

The effect of the introduction:

  • Increased efficiency in the allocation of orders to available transport capacity; 
  • Optimization of routes at the expense of constructing the optimal mapping of routes;
  • Automation training route - 20 min. the whole fleet; 
  • Reduce the cost of fuel to 30%; Reduce time to delivery; 
  • The optimal loading of vehicles; 
  • Control of the freight in real time using the GPS monitoring.

Key features: 

  • The calculation of optimal routes from displaying on the area map; 
  • Automatic and manual distribution of orders for automobiles; 
  • Ability to print route sheets and fragments of maps with the route for each vehicle; 
  • The possibility of its own customer base and partner with reference to their actual location on the map; 
  • Search on the map at the specified address, the visualization of orders on the map; 
  • Consideration of means of transport; 
  • Creating directories cars; Ability to schedule a flight with multiple warehouses; 
  • The possibility of incorporating the time of the client and the delivery of the goods; 
  • Accounting for new orders; 
  • Maintains a database of customers; 
  • Reports on the run, the time of delivery, developing a system of reporting and additional features for individual orders; 
  • Ability to develop a reporting system and optional features for individual orders.

Areas of application:

  • Distribution of food; 
  • Distribution of bread; 
  • Distribution of tobacco products; 
  • Distribution of medicines; 
  • Distribution of alcoholic beverages; 
  • Postal service.