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Angle measurement sensor

Angle measurement sensor
Main features:
• Intrinsic safety design Ex (optional)
• Inclinometer
• Automotive connector 
The device consists of two blocks — master and slave units. The master unit is installed on stationary flat surface. The slave unit is installed on moving element. The angle between master and slave units allows to use the sensor in various applications: 
1. Hatch opening control. Explosion-proof design of the sensor      
2. Crane boom lifting control   
3. Cargo/garbage discharge control
4. Identification of type and ready-to-work position of trailing machinery.  Identifier with built in inclinometer, installed on trailing equipment determines if the machinery is operating or idle. This helps determine the exact treated area by filtering false movement.    



Technical Characteristics

Parameter description     

 Operating temperature range, °С  – 40 … + 75
 IP protection degree  IP 67
 Measured angles range, degrees  ± 180
 Accuracy grade of angle measurement, degrees  ± 0,1
 Acceptable deviation angle of the actuator rotation plane from the vertical with account for bend of transport vehicle, degrees  ± 25
 Power voltage, operation range, V  9...36
 Rated current draw, mA  50
 Exchange rate through the serial port, bit/s   2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
 Programming interface  RS-232; RS-485
 Outside dimensions (with brackets), mm:  
             - master unit:  192х69х81
             - slave unit:  95х59х35
             - tractor slot:   115х100х79