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RCS on Telematics India 2015


Telematics India 2015

The exhibition Telematics India 2015 took place in Bengaluru India from 26th to 27th of August 2015. 

Our company has participated in Indian telematic events for the second year in succession. We consider the Indian market of telematic services and fuel control systems as fast growing and very promising.  The main topics of this event were:

  • Fuel management;
  • Connected Vehicles;
  • Vehicle Tracking;
  • In-car information and Connectivity;
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS);
  • Usage Based insurance (UBI);
  • Driver Behavior Management;
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring.
Telematics enabling Smart Mobility
Smart Mobility will play an important role in realizing the 'Smart Cities' plan. This session will explore how connectivity and telematics can safeguard the way one moves from one place to another and how it improves the overall transportation infrastructure. In addition, how car sharing and car-rentals are evolving in this telematics ecosystem
Telematics India 2015 
Connected Vehicles in India
As the user expectations, grow. Automotive OEMs together with other ecosystem players work beyond their core competencies to deliver the 'Connected Vehicle'. Join us to see the Connected Vehicles unfolding in India and how it fits into the massive Internet of Things (loT) landscape.
Telematics India 2015 
Commercial Fleet Telematics
The fluctuating fuel prices. Excessive idling and on-transit pilferage make fuel optimization must for fleet owners. Commercial fleet telematics is emerging as a preferred and proven solution for trucking, public transport and city cabs. Watch out service providers' industry experience and information on new products in this session.
Telematics India 2015 
In-car Infotainment
Major passenger carmakers in India have announced INFOTAINMENT even in some of their entry-level models with apps and interactive features on top of it. The telematics industry would be evolving here on helping them understand the consumer's need and interest. This session would explore infotainment in India and its possibility of becoming a key purchase factor in coming days.
Usage Based Insurance (UBI)
The Indian motor insurance carriers have been carrying out pilot-trials on Insurance Telematics. They have continually evolved in nearing a commercially viable product. Insurance experts will be sharing their views on regulation related to UBI, device cost. Consumer awareness: OEM-Insurer relationship and smartphone based UBI models.
Connected Driver: ADAS to Autonomous
It all starts with few cameras and sensors fitted in the vehicle but can go as typical as Automatic Cruise Control and Automated Parking. Let alone the driver safety and fuel economy. The Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) of today are fast becoming foreshadow of the most frequently used buzzword in the automotive industry on date - the 'self-driving' vehicle.
The key takeaways of event to analyzing new moves and dynamics in Indian Automotive Telematics market and the implications for consumer acceptance, new ventures and technology advancement going forward. In addition, we will have discussions with the otherwise-inaccessible C-level executives and decision makers of the automotive telematics community. Investigating the key commercial hurdles, consumer concerns over the price, reliability and convenience in particular, faced by the automotive OEMs. Sharing the best practices and experiences about the emerging trends like ADAS, Infotainment and their implications on the Indian automotive, electronics, IT and telecom industry and seeking cross-industry collaborations between and start-ups global partners. Lastly, we will be leading consulting firms and project consultants in automotive telematics.