лучшая система GPS мониторинга и контроля топлива в Украине
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Cargo transportation in Ukraine

 Monitoring of vehicles and cargo

Recommended functions:

  • monitoring of vehicles and cargo in the mode of "on-line";
  • control deviation from the route;
  • control of fuel consumption;
  • the control of opening cargo containers and cargo compartment of the vehicle;
  • integration with the logistics management of the enterprise;
  • integration with a single automated enterprise management system.


Learn more about these options, visit the following table:

System Functions Teletrack Description Comment
Monitoring mode:
Mode "on-line" allows control the movement of vehicles and goods, the state sensors in real time.

The data is displayed on an electronic map and summarized in the form of reports.

Cost GSM-traffic system dependent.

Traffic volume data typically does not exceed 10 Mb per month per vehicle

The module "Control of Fuel"

A device connected to the onboard staff or specialized sensors in fuel consumption. The system records the time, location and volume of gas stations and fuel discharges, the flow rate during the movement.

Full-time fuel flow is not sufficiently accurate. Therefore it is recommended to install a dedicated high-precision sensor.

Setting the control areas

With dispatch software on an electronic map set routes and control areas for any vehicle. The fact that the deviation from the route or crossing the border control area recorded in the report.

This feature is particularly relevant for Collector car, as well as for organizations associated with the carriage of goods for special purposes
Sensors opening the container / cargo compartment

System fixes time and place of opening the container or cargo compartment of the car and notify the manager or the responsible manager.

Reports Based on these data, the system generates a set of reports on mileage, fuel consumption, volume and time of refueling/ fuel discharges, etc. At the request of the customer, possible to create new reports or modifications to existing ones.
The module "Logistics" If your company has implemented a system of logistics management system Teletrack can be integrated with it. This will greatly enhance the management of logistics enterprises by obtaining and analyzing evidence about routes and whereabouts of vehicles and compare them with the plan.  
Integration into a single enterprise management system The system Teletrack can be integrated with existing automated control system. The integration is performed with the participation of developers automated control system
As an on-board equipment used onboard controllers of the TT-xx