лучшая система GPS мониторинга и контроля топлива в Украине
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GPS tracker Teletrack TT 2-21



Onboard equipment used in the system TELETRACK, is produced by RCS ltd. Intended for installation on the mobile and stationary objects, and transmission through the communication channels of telematic data on the characteristics of the object on the server monitoring system.



On-board equipment is built in a modular fashion. The main modules - A control unit and a data acquisition module and logical analog-digital sensors. Configurable data acquisition module to customer requirements, as well as the use of onboard equipment without the data module.

Functions of control unit:

  • determination of motion parameters (position, speed, direction)
  • gathering information from external sensors, fuel level, fuel temperature, as well as on the state of the ignition, doors, actuators, emergency sensors, engine speed, identification of drivers and trailer units, etc.
  • data transmission over the communication channel GPRS, SMS, CSD
  • storing data on the parameters of motion and external sensors in non-volatile memory (64 000 records)
  • automatically record and transmit data on the events:
    - Sensor triggers (for example, pressing the "SOS", the beginning of the movement)
    - When timer (eg, every 30 minutes. Movement) - allows you to optimize the cost of GSM connection
    - When you change locations within a certain distance (eg, every 5 km.) - Allows you to optimize the cost of GSM connection
    - With deviation from a straight course of motion - to optimize the cost of GSM connection
  • remote configuration through the channels of GPRS and SMS
  • update firmware via GPRS
  • coding, compression of transmitted data
  • filtering of false paths in parking lots (built-in accelerometer)
  • saving mode
  • autonomous operation of the internal battery
  • built-in protection from car battery discharge
  • vandal protection (high-strength metal casing with anti-vandal protection connector)
  • Tally modes:
    - Receipt of reliable data GPS
    - Register in the GSM-network, the level of the signal received from the base station GSM-network
    - Data
    - Write data to memory devices
    - A charge the internal battery.

    {Mospagebreak heading = The airborne equipment Teletrack - general characteristics & title = Specifications avionics "Teletrack"}

    Specifications avionics "Teletrack":
    Type of chipset

    General settings

    10.8 ... +32 V

    Maximum Power Consumption

    6 watts (charging the internal battery)

    power consumption saving mode
    1 W
    temperature range

    -25 ... +55 Of C

    unit weight control

    0.8 kg

    dimensions of the control unit

    136 x 110 x 33

    Options GPS receiver

    Sirf III (20 channels)
    carrier frequency

    1575.42 (L1 GPS) MHz


    -160 DBm

    Dynamic Range

    33 (1) dB


    -7 (2) dBm

    maximum speed of the object to the receiver

    500 m / s.

    detection time GPS data at +25 of C, there is no interference sure reception of satellite signals with a probability of 90%
    «hot» start

    2 (3) s

    «warm" start

    30 (4) s

    «cold" start

    40 (5) s

    RF output

    50 ohm

    power antenna


    Connector Type


    options GSM channel
    Frequency range:
    reception channel

    925-960 MHz (GSM 900)
    1805-1880 MHz (GSM 1800)

    channel 880-915 MHz (GSM 900)
    1710-1785 MHz (GSM eighteen hundred)
    Frequency spacing

    200 kHz

    Maximum power output

    33 dBm (GSM 900),
    30 dBm (GSM 1800)

    width of the emission spectrum of the transmitter at the level of -30 dB

    no more than 400 kHz

    Receiver Sensitivity

    -104 DBm (GSM 900)
    -102 DBm (GSM 1800)

    Class GPRS
    Digital interfaces (6)
    RS-485 have
    CAN (FMS, ISO Bus)
    Analog inputs (6)
    0 ... 30V 4
    differitsialnye 0 ... 10V




    minimum time interval between recording events, T listings


    Logic inputs (6)
    analyzing the presence of a transition to "0 / 1»


    analyzing the presence of a transition, "1 / 0»


    counting inputs (tachometer)


    bit counter inputs


    minimum time interval between recording events, T listings


    logic outputs


    Managed by a fixed algorithm, the data collection module


    (1) when using an active antenna is not recommended to gain more than 23dB
    (2) in the emission spectrum beyond 10 MHz from the carrier strip
    (3) in the presence of preliminary data on the location and time
    (4) in the temporary loss of satellite signal, intermittent discharge power
    (5) at the first turn on the device
    (6) number depends on the performance board sensors