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Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON ES

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Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON ES
Sensor Description
Operation principle
Installation of the sensor
Tank calibration
Technical characteristics

Installation of the sensor


The sensor is mounted in the center fuel tank, as shown in the figure. Only in this case, the tilt acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle fuel level in the measuring point of the least subject to fluctuations. The probe should be oriented vertically downward.


Правильная установка датчика уровня топлива


Improper installation of the probe may cause loss of accuracy in determining the amount of fuel!

If the tank top difficult to obtain, it is necessary to remove the tank from the vehicle to perform proper installation the sensor.

The sensor is screwed into the threaded hole of the flange as shown in the figure. Tightness is ensured by a rubber O-ring groove located at the end of the measuring head.

After the installation the sensor is sealed:


Пломбирование датчика уровня топлива


This how the proper installation of the fuel level sensor "Epsilon" looks like in practice, on a vehicle with two fuel tanks:

Тарировка бака
Calibration procedure