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Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON ES

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Fuel Level Sensor EPSILON ES
Sensor Description
Operation principle
Installation of the sensor
Tank calibration
Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

Valid values of electrical conductivity controlled by the fuel, not more then S/m






Temperatures range °C -40...+80  
IP level protection of probe head IP68   Explosion proof certificate 
The range of measured values of the position of the controlled fuel mm


From 10 to 910




The resolution of the measurement of diesel fuel in the static mode, not worse then mm






The basic allowable error level measurement in a static mode, not more then mm






The average period of measurement results in dynamic mode sec 8  
Bit code representation of measurement results bit 10/12/16 Level (8)
8 Temperature
Power Supply
Supply voltage, the operating range V 7-50 Rated
Current consumption mA 5,5±0,5 At 12V
2,5±0,2 At 24V
Mode   Long  
Acceptable impact of pulsed voltage on power circuits   ± 200V, 1sec 
± 1100V, 1 msec
Digital   RS-485 Basic
RS-232 10
Analog     11
Installation size and weight
Execution of planting flange   SAE,
5 holes. d=5mm
Type the thread probe   M25x1,5  
Size of the hexagon wrench for the measuring head mm 36 According to GOST 6424
The height of the measuring head over the surface of the tank, including the planting flange, not more then mm 29 13, 14
Weight of the sensor, not more then g 300 4, 14

Notes to table 2:

  1. For diesel fuel with a nominal value of ε = 2.1 as adopted pursuant to the basic «620» (620mm). 
  2. Allows measurements to grade fuel with a high electrical conductivity. 
  3. The position of the upper (maximum) value of the measured level corresponds to the upper edge of the drain hole of the probe.
  4. Performance over «620» are performed as an option. 
  5. Allowed the shortening of the probe «the place» no restrictions on minimum length. 
  6. When using 16-bit representation of measurement results. 
  7. Require further adjustment of the temperature dependence of the dielectric constant of controlled fuels. 
  8. Adjustment is performed by the manufacturer to order the sensor. 
  9. These are issued in two formats: 16 and 10/12 bit. Bit depth 10 or 12 bit software switchable. 
  10. The default value — 12 bits. Satisfies the most stringent requirements of GOST 28751–90 (product class, the degree of hardness 4 to 24V on-board power supply). 
  11. Possible on request. 
  12. Possible execution on request with voltage output 0 — 5 V, current 0 — 20 mA or potentiometer.
  13. Other versions connecting flange and in agreement with the consumer. 
  14. Does not include gasket. For specified performance of the flange.